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Filipino Cupid is currently the largest dating site in the Philippines. Pinalove is a decent runner-up and I used to recommend signing up for it too but I just can’t suggest anyone waste their time on that site now.

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Its competitors seem to be worse as a whole and I’ve been hearing that some of the other dating sites are actually getting hit with some serious scams. I focus on writing an honest and open review from each site that I’ve used so that you guys like you don’t get duped.

Don’t let the common dating site scams scare you since it’s not as bad here on Filipina Cupid.

If you take anything from this Filipino Cupid review, just know that there is no easier site in the world to get laid by a quality girl on.

Since this is the largest dating site in the Philippines, you’re obviously going to have more competition with other guys on the site.

Everyone should definitely put their best foot forward online because hey, that’s what the girls are doing.