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“After class, someone will stop a counselor and say, ‘You know, this is happening to me,’ or ‘I have a friend who this is happening to. ’ Adults might think, ‘Oh, no, this isn’t happening here, not in my area,’ but it’s just more hidden in some places.” PAVE also has two full-time therapists, including one Spanish speaker, at its headquarters at East 21st Avenue and York Street, where children can access a large, “safe” play area to spend time with counselors while adults receive assistance in a neutral, homelike space.

The program offers a website (projectpave .org) with resources too, as well as a comprehensive “Just for Teens” site with a clickable “hide me” button that allows them to get information without fear of negative consequences.

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There are specific warning signs that may indicate your teen is in an abusive relationship.

Different people in your teen’s life (teachers, coaches, friends and other family members) may each notice warning signs in your teen and their dating partner.

“We have been adamant about expanding only when we can absolutely offer the programming,” Evans says.

“We don’t want a situation where we start a program and then have to end it.” In addition, PAVE goes into the schools’ health classes for a week at a time to discuss the warning signs of abuse and share ways to foster healthy relationship habits through age-appropriate activities.

It includes cycles of physical, emotional, and psychological abuse.