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(I also get a kick out of the one located outside the Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company.) But none of them have taken off like the one at the intersection of Broadway and Cache streets, which caught attention when You Tube began recommending it and the link got tossed around forums, social media and even traveled across the pond via an article in Britain's Daily Mail.

Anyone can tune in, and anyone can comment on the view in a random blur of remarks that include everything from inside jokes to annoying spammers to people who are just confused.

This weekend, things got pretty exciting in Jackson, Wyoming (population 9,577).

There was an arts festival, a bride-to-be twerked in an intersection, and a horse pooped in the middle of the street.

This weekend brought an arts festival, complete with exhibit tents and mounted police officers, and when one of the police horses decided to leave a smelly offering mid-intersection, the comments went gleefully into the crapper. Some guy just ran a red light and the arch is angry.