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am a hardcore sony ps3 owner and i can respect what wii doing and ms and sony do as well by taping into there market .

Is there a list of USB camera’s that work with the PS3 because I have Creative Labs USB, Intel USB CS330 cameras and both are not showing up when I plug them in.

You can download software for the PS Eye @ the PS Store, & there is software that lets you use the camera with your PC.

Read the specs on the Eye, it really is a nice camera for the price. Also, a more unified PSN with cross game chat would be a nice touch! Any chance we might see them be released on the PSN?

Maybe you guys were using studio lights or something. Why is it that we can’t check our trophies in a chat room with another person but we can check them while playing with 32 other players in Socom: Confrontation? I’m kinda busy with GTA4 right now” It’s just socializing, me and a friend are online and want to talk, we need to stop playing our respective games (or am I obligated to stop my game and join his – vice-versa) so we can say: “yo, sup? Can we have party chat (sorry MS Term), but Chat we can have with our friends no matter what game we r in. Also someone said avatars – we definitely need new ones and custom ones.