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Many of us put up with a crap date for fear that we’re overreacting or not giving the other person a chance.

But let’s be honest, there’s no point in fooling yourself that a frog on a first date is magically going to transform into a prince two weeks down the line.

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Pushy online dating

Didn’t realise it was at the top of my “no no” list until it happened.’ Probably Eating Tacos ‘If you’re going to ask a girl about her hobbies, don’t spend the next couple of minutes shitting on her hobbies. Was on a date just last week actually and it went like this: I think with that comment he was trying to show off that he had money to always go out to eat? But jokes on him, what I like to do on later dates is invite the guy over for a home cooked meal.

It’s a subtle way of getting a guy over to my place. ‘Tell me I should put a security lock on my phone after I returned from the bathroom. ’ sugarpantssss ‘Had two different guys on two very separate occasions cry from feeling like the date wasn’t going according to their insanely high standards (it wasn’t, never does).

She gives him $20 and he tells me we can go to Dairy Queen.’ heyychiaki Apparently she was only allowed to order a $5 (£4) meal when she got there…so what happened to the other $15 (£12.30)?

‘One time a guy asked me out and showed up in those toe shoes.

Turns out he was my next door neighbor from 15 years ago.