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These aren't places where you'll quietly sip a $16 cocktail in some booth in the corner, nor places that are a complete drunken mess (for the most part), but rather bars where you can actually expect to mix it up with other humans and have an all-around good time.

You don't need to own the dog, but you should say that you do. Up front there’s a long bar, and in the back you’ll find darts, skee ball, and pool.

When you’ve put in your drunk-food order of four plates of fried chicken and are looking for a place to sit and eat it, you’re going to have some stiff competition.

Here’s the power play: find someone else who’s doing the same thing, divide and conquer, and when one of you wins, both of you wins.

Stop by for cheap drinks and a conversation that will cost you very little but might pay dividends.

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    She doesn’t do a lot of these events anymore but this one was in New York where she lives, and also it was her birthday. During a recent re-watch, I was completely caught off-guard by something that shouldn’t have been a surprise at all. It’s jarring to be so caught off-guard by anything involving 9/11 this many years later.

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    This sexual boost has been known and used for years.7) Banana The hero of many jokes (because of its phallus form), is also a great booster of that male sex organ.

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    I finally said yes to the dress along with the perfect veil, treated with bucksfizz. Kim wasn't fazed at all and went straight to the rack and picked me a beautiful dress that was almost exact to the picture I had shown her.

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    They are sometimes also used to treat motion sickness or vertigo caused by problems with the inner ear.