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As things were being prepped to start previs sequence-building, I had the team create some animation cycles and vignettes of action based on ideas Gareth had passed to me that would later help us populate some of the bigger scenes, such as the epic ground battle at the end of the movie, very quickly.

I joined the Pinewood team once production fully shifted to the UK and we began developing previs for multiple sequences.

Gareth wanted to immerse the actors into virtual backdrops at times when the script called for them to be inside any of the numerous cockpits, such as the U-Wing or X-Wings.

Rather than looking at blue or green screen, the performers could react to the previs environments that would cast lighting and temperature cues similar to what the final visual backdrops would be.

For over a month now, a You Tube channel has been broadcasting the live activity at the central intersection in the quaint mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyo.