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Now, continuing on with the regularly scheduled tour!

But, let’s start with something a bit more convenient:6) You Tube. So basically, I’m going to list my favorites to you in the order I show them to people. But from all accounts, he is as genuinely sweet and nice as he appears to be.

Raúl’s own romantic conflicts were far deeper than that of the character he played and had no easy fix; he was no longer truly married, but not entirely separated. Esparza's separation from his wife came after finally acknowledging that his attraction to men wasn't something transient.

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He’s also had a couple small roles in other shows and movies, but I’ll let you find those on his IMDB page yourself, because I have faith in your ability to google! Co-stars gush about him, fans who’ve met him say how nice he is, etc. As far as I can tell, he is actually as awesome a guy as we’d all like to think he is.

Plus I can personally attest to this because his music/him being inspiring got me through some pretty bad shit and continues to do so, and I may or may not have sent him an email saying something along those lines and he may or may not have personally responded and been incredibly nice and sincere in said hypothetical email. And finally, let me say this:some of my favorite people on Tumblr, who I talk to a ton, are people I met via a mutual adoration of Raúl. We’re all quite friendly, and I encourage you to basically drop an ask to anyone who posts Raúl stuff and say something like, “Hey!

When I was younger I used to go with lots of women. I love it." While some celebrities choose to keep their private lives private, Disney star Bella Thorne announced that she was bisexual in a very open way; by kissing her brother's ex on Snapchat.

Previously, she shared kisses with the same girl on social media.

Mel B has been married for years, and many fans may not know the Spice Girl had a longterm relationshp with a woman.