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This will carry over to her, so she won’t take unnecessary risks that put both your and her lives in jeopardy.

Because of her parents’ incessant nagging when she was young, she’s gone through her fair share of rebellion.

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As with the suits, so she’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear about your everyday actions.

If you have any failings whatsoever, she’ll point them out to you…

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Jewtopia” (you probably haven’t, and it’s perhaps best if you keep it that way), you know the Jewish woman stereotype — they love to boss their men around (lovingly) while making sure to feed them (amply).

Though I’m a Jewish woman who doesn’t necessarily fit these stereotypes, many of them ring true enough to list here. Should you wear the blue suit jacket or the gray one for your next job interview?

This is also a product of parents who raise someone to be an overachiever.