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As the documents were brought for checking at Malaysia check point before the further destination Indonesia, the Malaysia Customs has detected that, some currency was included in your luggage.

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I have a friend that I know of social networking, the Vernon named Ty who came from Australia but working in the UK.

His profession as an oil-drilling technique (this according to his confession).

but they still continue to exists despite of so many complaints about their evil doings..maybe are big syndicates, that is why the Malaysian authorities can't do legal act to punish them...anyway, evil never wins... You are Thief Gangster and Mafia also This is the letter from First Express Logistic Courier Delivery Services. COUNTRY: MALAYSIA Kindly find the Total amount in Malaysian Ringgit and the Equivalent in Indonesia Indonesian Rupiah ( 3, 960.00 MYR is equivalent to 11, 401, 739.00 IDR ) Once you transfer the fee through western union to us. PLEASE NOTE==I INSERTED THE 25, 000 POUNDS INSIDE THE CARTON THAT CONTAINS THE DIGITAL CAMERA I WRAPPED IT VERY WELL WITH THREE PLASTIC.

just be careful and never trust a person you just knew... You are required to scan and send us the transfer receipt through our email address to enable us know the information for us to finalize all aspects. THIS IS MY ACCUMULATED YEARLY ANNUAL LEAVE MONEY THEY PAID ME THIS TIME.

As soon as we received the fees and clear your parcel from the custom your parcel will be delivered to you within the next few hours. Anthony Bernard Admin Head, Customer Propositions First Express Logistic Courier Delivery Services. Here is the billing order as your requested, your tax payment is 1250usd, you pay to the account manager's name. i just got an email like you did guys..a real scam...don't trust anything about this. I WANTED TO SEND IT THROUGH WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM BUT THE COST OF SENDING IT FROM LONDON HERE IS VERY HIGH, SO I DECIDED TO INSERT IT INSIDE THE LUGGAGE.

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    This follows naturally from the fact that the days after the Ides of February (in an ordinary year) or the Ides of Intercalaris (in an intercalary year) both counted down to the Kalends of March. In detail, the system worked as follows: Months were grouped in days such that the Kalends was the first day of the month, the Ides was the 13th day of short months, or the 15th day of long months, and the Nones was the 9th day (counted inclusively) before the Ides (i.e., the fifth or seventh day of the month).