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Some people treat feminism as taboo--and if they shave their arm pits then they’re not feminist. I was based on a portrait of a woman he painted at a piano.

They suspect she had a relationship with Van Gogh before he was killed, or killed himself, who knows. And Chekov, we only finished a month-and-a-half ago. It’s really pretty, but you know those two convicts that went missing? An Amber Alert went off on my phone the first night I was there on my own.

I feel very uncomfortable doing that sort of thing. To see a character like her, set in that time and not have it be solely about the men that are in her life, that’s quite feminist in itself.

: Eilis runs up against being an independent woman in a time that it wasn’t so fashionable. Actually, all the women in this film are very independent and strong.

Well, I tweet every now and then, maybe every six months.

When the marriage referendum happened in Ireland, it was a great way to get the message out there.

Speaking of social media, are you very active on Twitter?