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She keeps him and Wren separate because she thinks that if he gets to know her, he will like her better.

She eventually decides to stay at the University of Nebraska, continue living with Reagan, and pursue a career in writing. Wren is the "awesome one", being more outgoing and extroverted than her sister.

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Wren distances herself from Cath as she enters college, professes to have outgrown fan fiction and Simon Snow, and goes out drinking and dancing with her roommate almost every night.

Meanwhile, Cath is more interested in her fiction-writing class.

Her main hobby is writing fanfiction about the fictitious Simon Snow series, particularly fanfiction between two male characters, Simon Snow and Baz Pitch.

In her family life, Cath is very close to her father.

Cath is a freshman at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, along with her much more outgoing identical twin sister Wren.