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Adding Accrual Bonds To add a new accrual bond to your portfolio, follow these steps: 1. Or, place the cursor in the blank row at the end of the inventory list, and either double-click or press Enter. Savings Bond Wizard fills in the bond's denomination and series, and displays yield and maturity information in the Redemption Date box.

From the Inventory window, click the Accrual Bonds tab to display the accrual bond inventory list. o If you don't need to track the bond by its serial number, enter the issue date, denomination, and series, and then press the Tab key. The Add Accrual Bond window closes, and the Inventory window adds the new bond to the accrual bond inventory list.

See current and historical (1992 to present) valuations and interest earned for bonds with issue dates back to 1941. Export your portfolio to a QIF file and load it and all available pricing data into Quicken for Mac.

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dating a student - Savings bond wizard not updating

There's no cost to upgrade an existing license, so download today.

Track all of your US Savings bonds, including EE Bonds, I Bonds, E Bonds, and Savings Notes.

If you can't figure out how to do any of these tasks, post a note to the open forum for the class.

About Savings Bond Wizard Savings Bond Wizard is a free program, available from the U. Treasury Department, that helps you track your savings bonds.

Getting Started Before you can start using Savings Bond Wizard, you have to download an installation file and install the Wizard on your computer. Open Windows Explorer and find the folder where you saved the installation file. Running the Wizard To run Savings Bond Wizard once you've installed it on your computer, follow these steps: 1. After a few moments, the Wizard's main window appears and displays the Inventory window.

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