Security considerations when updating settings from a remote system tips about dating

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The firewall, however, will still provide security benefits consistent with the Serviceguard security deployment model as described in the Securing Serviceguard document at you open the Serviceguard port range make sure you review the required IPFilter-SG rules, which are documented in the HP-UX IPFilter (Version A. and later) Administrator's Guide at the Serviceguard security patch of 2004 is installed, Serviceguard requires one additional service, security level also ensures that the software needed by those security levels is present.

Alternately, you can lock down your system using one of the following selectable security levels at cold-install- or update-time: Each security level provides incrementally higher security by locking down various protocols and services.

As with any system that provides external connectivity, a significant consideration in deploying a telematics/infotainment system is the potential security risk the system could have on the vehicle platform.

Telematics/infotainment systems share a few common characteristics: The IEEE Center for Secure Design (CSD) developed this document as a direct result of a discussion from experts on recurring security flaws and vulnerabilities identified within vehicle telematics/infotainment systems.

The following tables detail the services and protocols affected by the security levels, listed in Table 3-2, if you choose to apply one at cold-install- or update-time: blocks all incoming WBEM connections via IPFilter, though local and outbound communication is not blocked.