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His aggression in attitude and words was very scary.

His employee quit after this interaction and his mother told him to apologize to us but he would not and frankly, it wouldn't have helped because it was obvious that he was a dangerous person to be around.

Member States, within their wide margin of appreciation, should find ways to put in place laws, policies and practices that allow the different legitimate interests involved to be taken into account.

In the vast majority of Council of Europe member states, where abortion is legal, this includes an adequate framework that reconciles the possibility to have an abortion with the fight against discrimination.

These include Albania and Georgia, but not Armenia and Azerbaijan.

(Istanbul Convention) does not contain any explicit reference to sex-selective abortion.

At the same time it is hard to prove that an abortion has been done because the foetus was a girl.

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    Even something as simple as answering a phone call may be something she wants to avoid at all costs.

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    I just hoped my father would agree and come around to the idea that dating-even marrying-a non-Jew didn't have to be a .

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    The items are requests made to Sandoval by state agencies for spending over and above their base-budget submissions. Included in the requests is a proposal to expand the Medicaid program to a new group of Nevada residents as provided for under the Affordable Care Act.

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