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Did you know that she initially turned down the role of Samantha? We couldn’t imagine any other actress playing Samantha, which is why we’re glad that Cattrall finally accepted the offer after turning down the role twice. Allegedly, Cattrall and Parker had a huge falling out during the filming of the last season because of SJP’s significantly larger paycheck. New Yorkers still swoon over Carrie’s chic — and (most astoundingly) spacious AND rent-controlled — apartment on the Upper East Side.

But don’t go searching for the apartment, because that 245 East 73 Street apartment doesn’t even exist.

until the very final episode, where Carrie wore a fur coat that she had also worn in the first season.

But my goodness, these women were able to afford living in New York while never having to wear the same thing twice?

That goes for participants on both sides of the curtain.