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If I had any evidence, I would forward it to the relevant college authorities …

and An Garda Síochána if such reports and sources implicated UCD students in ‘revenge porn’”.

#Not Asking For It is about combating any sense of male entitlement to the female body and combating the idea that you can assume consent.” He also committed to continue the effort into the coming semester, “we’re further looking to open focus groups on sexual consent in conjunction with researchers from Rape Crisis Network Ireland and NUIG provide an anonymous platform to students whereby they’ll be able to discuss stories where consent was assumed rather than asked.

We’re also looking to lobby university for increased resources for support services for survivors of sexual consent on the basis of data collected from a student sample survey”.

Björn Höcke called on Germans to take a more “positive” attitude towards their history in a speech last month, calling them a “brutally defeated people” who should stop attempts to atone for Nazi crimes.