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Chances of running into your ex girlfriend: slim to none. ) in NDG, this is where to find the queer Concordia students who live west-of-downtown. After those late nights clubbing or drinking or a booty call in the Village, you probably need a poutine (look it up). Casa does vegetarian food, lots of live music, and cool art/film/spoken-word stuff. Meow Mix The website isn’t always super updated but you can check out the event listings in the free alternative newsweekly, the Montréal Mirror. It’s not cheap but they often have awesome deals for all-you-can-drink.

Le Cagibi (5490, boul St-Laurent) is a super cute, crowded but cozy café in the Mile-End staffed by tattooed indie rockers. With good coffee, veg friendly grub, and – yes, again – beer, Shaika hosts lots of open mic nights (with some genuinely talented people) and some rad live music. Sala Rossa does Spanish food, live music, and Meow Mix! bring your girlfriend to this monthly soirée for ladies who love ladies, because someone will definitely make a pass at you while you’re waiting in the tiny bathroom, and the girls in attendance tend to be hot and… Meow Mix is a monthly party for queer chicks and those who like to go out on the town with them. It’s mostly girls in their 20s, but there are always older lesbians and some of the young’uns too (the drinking age is 18 in Québec).

There is al fresco seating for casual meals and drinks, and plenty of space inside for large groups, with a great selection of world beers and wines served at the bar.

From its succulent grill selection to the celebrated unlimited salad bar, the Harvester menu is packed full of wholesome flavours for the whole family.

I envision Montréal as some sexy androgyne character with a sweet moustache and a pair of lacy panties; its decidedly seedy underbelly is dressed up in a chichi couture suit, and it’s wearing vintage brown lace-up boots.