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Check out the covers of romance novels in any bookstore, for example.

Look into a woman's eyes -- notice how they draw you in? If she's never put her mouth on a man's organ before, she's no doubt wondering what that will feel and taste like, whether she will gag (or worse), and she's hoping that you're very clean.

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Rae Padilla Francoeur, age 58, begins a love affair with Jim, age 67. Rae describes the passionate details -- how he touches and controls her body, how her passions smolder, build, and erupt. We're kissing each other like the end of time is on the other side of the door. Like all of us, her love affair doesn't happen in a vacuum.

As graphic as her details are, I'm pleased that she uses language our generation is comfortable with -- penis, vagina -- instead of the edgier language that characterizes most contemporary erotica. We kiss like this for ten or fifteen minutes until suddenly Jim stops it all. Much of the book deals with her other "free fall" -- her relationship with Eli, her partner of many years, who is losing his battle with bipolar disorder.

I'm not going to discuss how to initially seduce a TS or entice one into having sex. Women want to be "taken," they usually aren't the ones to initiate sex by pulling their men into the bedroom.

We're making the assumption that both have already decided to yank off their clothes while dashing madly to the bedroom. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this notion.

Don't worry, when the charge shows up on your statement no one will know the it's from a porn site. There's no worries when it comes to your significant other finding out you joined a porn site. We're constantly adding new content to our members area.