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I watch the debate over health care with amazement.A million words are spoken on the topic with every passing minute, and as far as I can tell no one has ever addressed the real issue that’s upsetting everyone.

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Every time you pick up that bottle, it is a conscious decision. Doctors and hospitals in poor urban areas spend much of their resources treating gunshot wounds on victims who refuse to reveal how they got injured. But addicts give absolutely no thought to the social effects of their actions, and their thoughtlessness has become one of the main reasons to oppose socialized medicine.

And once again, under normal circumstances I just wouldn’t care, but if I’m compelled to pay for the expensive reconstructive surgery of a drunk who smashes his car into a tree, then yes, I care, and I blame the drunk. “Extreme sports” fanatics who jump off cliffs wearing flimsy parachutes. And once again, the taxpayer is expected to pick up the tab. Cultural traditions All sorts of American subcultures have standard behaviors which increase the risk of medical complications.

Sunderhaus and I: Why should we be forced to pay for the costs of other people’s irresponsibility?

Proponents of the single-payer national health plan can’t understand why anyone would want to oppose the faultless idea of universal health care.

And for that reason, the opponents of socialized medicine never even mention the real flaw in the concept that nags the unconscious of most Americans: Not all ailments are equal.