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The fact that this grown and accomplished woman who dated someone twenty years ago is still being referred to as a famous man's ex-girlfriend is an amazing example of sexism in the press.

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I used to wish and dream I had no public connection to anyone or anything, so I could just start my business as an unknown person, make mistakes quietly, and figure it out.

Instead, as I launched my line, there was this big moment where I felt like the world was waiting for that great thud, to watch me fail … My collection struck a nerve with the women of this country.

So here we are, putting out a story about Shoshanna almost right next to another story about Shoshanna. I've been designing and running my own fashion line for almost twenty years.

But this is Shoshanna, in her own words, sharing her frustration. My business is profitable, and it employs hundreds of people.

The crazy proliferation of gossip sites, news outlets, blogs and social media platforms over the last few years means that there's many more voices chiming in about any given gossip story and many more opinions (good, bad, ugly) being expressed.