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They are a great group of girls and I'm sure that churches in your area would probably have the same.With the concerns of parents in today's world, they would likely be happy to give you names of people they babysit for so that you have that additional information about their competency and the way they relate to kids.who finds it difficult to date me or anyone who has a child full time and cannot respect that one cannot leave on a whim to do something outside of the home especially without the child/ren in tow well.. I had no problem spending time with her and her child -- none at all.

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It's not just dating situations that this happens in tho. My #1 sitter lives 6 houses down, so I don't have to worry too much about her getting home at the end of the night. The other 2 I have said I would pick them up at the beginning of the evening, if their parents could pick me up at the end of the night (so I don't have to wake the boys to drive the sitter home). when there are kids and sitters and whatnot involved, it takes more then 24 hrs to organize things.

I found this when still married to the ex and we had friends who wanted to go out all the time. Sending them home in a cab isn't an option really... Have you ever tried to get a sitter for Friday or Saturday night on that day or the day before??? If they can't understand that it takes a little planning to get a sitter, then they just aren't going to be around for long. First, when you start talking to someone whether they have kids or not because even men with children don't seem to get this, explain your situation and that you need a couple of days lead time to make arrangements.

One woman in our church preferred for her daughter to babysit at her house so that there was a bona fide adult on premises.

Try to think outside the box, another source might be a senior center, with people young enough to still be able to care for children and it would probably be something that would bring joy into their life, you can essentially give to them while they help you out too.

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