Sirius travel link weather map not updating

Sirius XM Traffic provides drivers with real time traffic speed and flow information and detailed accident information to avoid congestion.

Sirius XM Travel Link keeps drivers connected from coast to coast by providing detailed information such as weather, fuel prices, sports scores and stocks.

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Customers who purchase a new Subaru with factory-equipped satellite radio will continue receiving a 4-month audio subscription to Sirius XM’s All Access Package.

The package includes Howard Stern; every NFL, MLB®, and NBA game; every NASCAR® race; plus NHL® games and PGA TOUR® coverage.

If you already carry around a smartphone, they end up being redundant, particularly since Sirius XM Travel Link requires a $5.99/month subscription with a minimum one-year contract (after the initial six-month trial expires, that is).

Strangely, the SYNC with My Ford Touch system still integrates SYNC Services, which calls out using your phone to provide drivers with a personal operator, custom traffic alerts and news, travel services, and the ability to download saved destinations from the Send to SYNC feature using a smartphone or Map Quest.

Sirius XM is also a leading provider of connected vehicles services to major automakers, giving customers access to a suite of safety, security, and convenience services including automatic crash notification, stolen vehicle recovery assistance, enhanced roadside assistance and turn-by-turn navigation.

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