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“Don’t be stopping for a sneaky smoke,” Jean told her. My mother was crying.” Billy and Jim, six-year-old twins, threw their arms around Jean’s legs and wailed.

It was December, 1972, and already dark at When the children heard the knock, they assumed that it was Helen with the food. She trembled violently as they tried to pull her out of the apartment. ” she shrieked.“I can remember trying to grab my mother,” her son Michael told me recently. The intruders tried to calm the children by saying that they would bring their mother back: they just needed to talk to her, and she would be gone for only “a few hours.” Archie, who, at sixteen, was the oldest child at home, asked if he could accompany his mother, and the members of the gang agreed.

But there are some things about Dil that Fergus doesn't know, either...

During the scene shot at Balbriggan County, Dublin, a Northern Ireland Railways GM locomotive 113 passes in the background, with a passenger train.

Clockwise from top right: Dolours Price; Gerry Adams; Jean Mc Conville and three of her children; I. Mc Conville had just taken a bath when the intruders knocked on the door.