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View here: online database of swingers lists over 1000 members in the Canberra area and is free to join.

Of course there are certain features which are only available to premium members who pay monthly subscription fees but if you travel around Australia a lot then it could pay to have a regular account.

Swingers You MUST Follow On Twitter We’re addicted to Twitter – short and sweet posts that are often full of sexy (and naughty! It probably has something to do with the fact that celebrities are so often cagey about all things sex because they want to maintain a ‘family-friendly’ persona. Aussie Swingers Sex Stories – Public Sex We’re well aware that the folks over at Red Hot Pie Australia are super sexy but we had no idea just how kinky they are!

If you’ve never ventured into the Sex Stories section of the site then do yourself a favour and check it out. It’s more rare for a movie or TV show NOT to have a raunchy sex scene these days, they’ve kinda lost their naughty appeal.

The website is undergoing some changes but is still useful.