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will return to The CW this fall on October 9 at 8 p.m. Before then, make sure to take a look at Cinema Blend's comprehensive summer TV premiere guide for more up to date information on the rest of the small screen projects slated to debut this season.

to be — her recent career’s been defined by roles that have been fierce (“The Fighter”), frightening (“Red State”), warm (“Treme”) and desperate (“Frozen River”), but not funny.

Dinner is stilted, with silences broken up by the scrape of Laurie’s knife on her place and Debbie having to coax conversation out of the two strangers like socially recalcitrant children: “Louie, why don’t you ask Laurie and Louie seem to have nothing in common.

She has no interest in his stand-up career and he’s at a loss at what to say about her small business ownership, and they both begrudge their friends putting them in this awkward situation.

Obama,” she sighs in exasperation after Louie’s “no” — the episode’s funniest moment may be Louie’s blithe no-harm-no-foul agreement to go out with Laurie again, after all that.