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Donovan played Kit Acklin in History’s 2015 miniseries in a recasting.He’ll play Lio Fibonacci, a longtime colleague of Bertie and Miller Geiss (Andie Mac Dowell and Steven Weber) who reads more rock star than agent and opens a rival agency that he plans to take to the top. I keep on writing magazine on Twitter every time they do something on the Jenners.

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Sometimes, we take advantage of those people because we know they will always be there. Teddy was always second guessing himself in situations.” Did you do anything in particular to prepare for the role? I learned a lot about the Amish and how they pretty much do everything with their hands and without any sort of specialized mechanical equipment.

“I was working on before this film — I filmed that and then came and did this. If our electricity went out and we had no internet or anything, we’d probably crawl into a fetal position and not know what to do.

We had senior citizens to 21-year-old guys, and all of them the same, you could tell they were wiping their eyes. You get so wrapped up in these characters and their happiness actually makes you happy. You’re overcome in the moment with the music and it definitely gives you feels.” And what else could you tell us about Noah? He had his curiosity — just like the lead character did — and he explored.

Kenny (Young) did a great job of capturing that.”Did you cry the first time you saw it? He went off into the “real world.” He found out what it was like, came back and realized where he belonged.

So, riding the horses was something that came in handy. People like them are the ones we would run to for help. I really admire that in them.” is going to be awesome!