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With dynamic updating, the charts and patches remain separate and the patch is "wiped over" the chart in real-time.This allows mariners to see that the patch is applied and to see what has changed, an important capability for mariners who transit a waterway frequently.

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Updating charts transas 5000 Cams no money involved

Today, the raster charts outsell NOAA's paper charts by eight to five.

Each CD-ROM, containing about 55 charts, has grown to include the Coast Pilot, marine facilities, indexing and viewing software, and other facilities - all at no additional cost.

When a mariner clicks on the hot link, it begins the transmission of the update patches to his computer.

The transmission contains cumulative updates for all the charts on a CD-ROM.

Maptech makes this difference file, adds the geo-referencing, metadata, and information that allows an update patch to be exactly registered with the old raster file to which it will be applied.