Updating directx 10

In other words, use them at your own peril: there is no official release from Microsoft for running Direct X 10 or Direct X 11 on XP.

The latest version is 9.0c and unless there is a massive change of heart from Microsoft (no chance), this will always be the case.

Direct X 10 will enable other applications to work.

This is a library designed to create a good platform for operation of programs with high component of multimedia elements Multimedia elements include: color, texture, 3D animation graphics and audio.

Many former parts of Direct X API were deprecated in the latest Direct X SDK and will be preserved for compatibility only: Direct Input was deprecated in favor of XInput, Direct Sound was deprecated in favor of the Cross-platform Audio Creation Tool system (XACT) and lost support for hardware accelerated audio, since Vista audio stack renders sound in software on the CPU. DLL was also removed and was replaced with dplayx.dll; games that rely on this DLL must duplicate it and rename it to