bon jovi dating jennifer nettles - Updating figures in word

For simplicity, you'll want to select the text between the end of the table, figure or object's general description and the tab the forms the dot leader for the page number.

It took 1 day to convert 10 pages document in word with lots of images and tables into La Tex.

I created five tables and put a table caption on each.

Manually restart numbering: Ensure no traces of the "missing" table exist by highlighting and deleting all content between the tables with a missing number. If there is still a gap in the numbering, try overriding the numbering.

To my knowledge, there is a limitation on number of tables that a word document can support without some wired behavior. If removing some tables is resolving the issue, then I would recommend to re-organize the data you have in the document to achieve less number of tables / nesting.

Note: Since any text modifications are removed whenever the LOT, LOF or LOO fields are updated, going through the above procedure is only necessary just prior to the document's submission to the Editorial Office.