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Continue to Post-installation steps for Linux to allow non-privileged users to run Docker commands and for other optional configuration steps.

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Note that this might not always give you the latest stable Tor version, but you will receive important security fixes. That means you could be missing stability and security fixes. These packages will be confusingly broken for Raspbian users, since Raspbian called their architecture armhf but Debian already has an armhf. You'll need to set up our package repository before you can fetch Tor.

To make sure that you're running the latest stable version of Tor, see option two below. Move on to step two of the "Tor on Linux/Unix" instructions. First, you need to figure out the name of your distribution.

Docker provides convenience scripts at get.and test.for installing stable and testing versions of Docker CE into development environments quickly and non-interactively.

The source code for the scripts is in the This example uses the script at get.to install the latest stable release of Docker CE on Linux.

This is because we do not allow direct listing/access to this link.