Updating media information from command line the origins of dating

Last point: I wanted to change the video metadata information.

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Changes in transcoding profiles to use Wms Transcoding Format Params (if the transcoding profiles changed, it is recommended to restore the profiles from the distribution kit for support new formats of transcoded files).

Added transcoding profile "Movies-LIVESTREAMER-FFMPEG", can be set to podcast folder, to this podcast folder you can add links, supported by Livestreamer or Livestreamer command line with parameters (without parameter -o): [OPTIONS] [URL] You need change the path to in transcoding profiles settings (Settings - Transcoder - Profiles - Transcoder list - LIVESTREAMER).

Setting for Autodetect mode - Settings - Devices - Autodetect.

In the settings of device, connection added the mode "Check IP-address" (Settings - Server - choose a device or connection - Edit). If the devices are connected via a bridge, it is necessary include checking of IP-address.

In the folder "Last Browse" added links to the most distant folders that were selected in the process of the media device navigation.