Updating nautical charts canada

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This App offers access to Marine Charts for USA, Canada, UK/Ireland, Germany, Netherlands/Holland &Europe Rivers (Danube, Drava, Rhein etc).

Coverage includes NOAA marine vectorcharts,freshwater lake maps, USACE inland river maps (HD/1ft/3ft bathymetryincluded where available),charts derived from UKHO & CHS data.

I spent about 1 minute trying to figure out the apps features when the app just crashed and I was sent back to the home screen.

As I thought it was because the app couldn't handle me navigating through the map too quickly I tapped on the icon again and was greeted by the same prompt (would you like to download any maps) and after tapping yes I tried to figure out more about the app for the second time.

In addition, there is a single Browse library that acts as an index.