Updating oracle views

My answer comes in the form of an Email reply to a friend (why bother to rewrite a prefectly good answer).Please feel free to abuse my answer if you think it deficient, but you better be posting your own alternatives if you do so.The basic requirement for each is that you must supply two date values to your view somehow.

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Updating oracle views

Note that this command does not result in anything being actually stored in the database at all except for a data dictionary entry that defines this view.

This means that every time you query this view, Oracle has to go out and execute the view and query the database data. View act like small a table but it does not physically take any space.

Here is a link to the recent Ora Faq question from the sql and plsql newbies section: Here is the email thread with my friend.

I presume you are asking because you have two parameters in the query that are not hard coded constants (parmdatefrom,parmdateto)?

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