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When syncing i Tunes music to i Devices after i OS 7 update, i Tunes got stuck at "waiting for changes to be applied" but after a while or even after hours, the status moved to 'Canceling Sync'. Luckily, you get many tips to fix this tough stuff.

In this article, we will introduce top 10 ways for you that work effectively to solve this music not syncing after i OS 7 upgrade issue.

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Some users reported that they have successfully solved the i Tunes not syncing music to i Phone issue with a soft reset on i Phone.

In fact, a soft reset is fixing many problems associated with the i OS 7 update. Rebooting i Phone will help to settle down some issues on i Phone and reinstalling i Tunes (nofollow) can also fix some i Tunes error.

It is treating the matter seriously but it may be some time before a true fix is distributed to users, as the company is yet to pinpoint the problem internally.

For now, the best course of action (as always with technology) is to ensure you have complete, recent, data backups of your music library.

For those affected by the issue, if the user is signed up to Apple Music or i Tunes Match, the software will also ultimately replace personal music rips with versions from the i Tunes Store.