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Light acts like a wave, but unlike sound waves, light isn’t a material that’s moving back-and-forth. A wave itself isn’t made of anything, it’s just a propagating motion through …

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The popular theory of evolution proposes that the book of life -- with all of its twists and turns and complexity -- wrote itself, without the aid of an intelligence.

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This molecule contains the information needed to make a specific life-form, and which enables it to maintain and The DNA molecule is mysteriously broken down into genes.

One DNA molecule may have thousands of different genes or protein blueprints.

This complex molecule then must be folded into the correct shape in order for it to become a useful protein. Ribosomes are tiny protein factories that take the information from the RNA and use it to make homochiralic proteins from L-type amino acids.

Proteins are not known to form naturally in slime-pools, oceans, or laboratories, but rather are only made by living organisms. It is also loaded with information, or like a highly ordered and complex program (or book) that is hundreds to thousands of pages long and so far nature, on its own, can't even write a single line of that book.

These genes are (relatively) small portions of chemically coded information that are used to make proteins.