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turns 100 tonight with a special episode that sees the return of Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne’s (Katie Leclerc) father Angelo (Gilles Marini), and which is directed by Lea Thompson, who plays Kathryn.“This is a very emotional episode,” says Thompson, who took the opportunity of the show’s milestone to comment on its place in TV history.

“This show has created an opportunity for more understanding of another human being and the importance of tolerance,” she adds.

But I think it stirred up a lot of conversation, both positive and negative.

And that's what's been so interesting about it is everybody has a different opinion on it, everybody has a different perspective. Which is interesting, because a lot of television shows don't get to do that.

But an emergency phone call soon reunites everyone as Daphne and Bay return from 10 months in China after learning of a medical emergency. Would you like her to be happy in a romance, or would you rather see her successful as an artist? It was just crazy, because last season, Bay finally was not in a relationship and she finally claimed her artistic passion.