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In the period of 1978-85, London returned to a darker (yet flat, not reflective) blue label which had a small number printed askew on the lower left-hand side.

Collectors have reported label font variations like the one above, but these variations do not indicate specific origin or pressing beyond what is known by the color and design of the logo. LP's, these Stereo pressings will be printed exclusively on a blue label.

This should also help defeat the notion that Shelley was a person with access to the master plate and the cause of this first pressing issue.

Even if someone inconsistently spelled their name Shelley, Shlley or Shelly, they would not do it in strikingly different handwriting.

(not really) re-issues were offered on vinyl bearing the boxed London logo which overshadows the Abkco moniker to the left.

It was a nice change however, to a strong red & black label.

The discs were printed on 100% virgin vinyl, which is very expensive to produce, and I suppose to make up for not truly being a digitally remastered audio improvement.