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The domino effect of Ching's efforts wasn't just serendipitous: allied to a good idea and some luck was a savvy understanding of the web.

Before posting it online, he contacted people on Twitter who had large amounts of followers.

Ten months ago Ross Ching was a new graduate from film school in San Diego.

"The economy had tanked, nobody was hiring and I had nothing to do," he says. So I made something and put it on the internet."The video was for "Little Bribes" by the alt-rock band Death Cab for Cutie.

First, the video should have "something within the first ten seconds that will make you want to watch it past the first ten seconds," he explains.

"A lot of people just look at the first ten seconds and then just click away." Next, he looked at ways to sustain interest throughout, as "you're bound to hit boring parts in a video." Finally, he used a song that came in at the three-minute mark – the shorter the video, the greater chance that people will watch it to the end.

It took Ching 50 hours to make and cost about $100.