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It’s not the greatest description of the show, but trust me when I say that it is an entertaining drama that will keep you begging for more. Jinwoon of 2AM 2AM’s maknae, Jinwoon, has a fairly prominent role in this drama.

He is Hong Doon’s employee and Jang Mi’s potential love interest.

And I have a feeling something more may happen in the later episodes.

It seems like he has a lot of secrets, and it’s almost impossible to get them out of him. The adult content (don’t worry it’s all PG-13) There are a lot of dramas that don’t talk about kissing, boyfriends, girlfriends, sex, and things like that. I’ve noticed that tv N’s dramas tend to talk more openly about relationships and what goes on while two people are in a relationship.

But the acting throughout the episode really makes you feel for her. Already in 10 episodes of we have seen two REAL kisses with two different men. It’s obvious when two characters are about to kiss.