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Working as adult text operator comes in many forms; for instance, some websites will require you to log in and respond to their clients using your computer, while for others you will need to use your phone to respond but your phone number will never be revealed since the message will be relayed using a third party software.

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Would you take your clothes off if you were face to face? Nudes, sexts, fanpics - whatever you call them - taking pics of your bits and sending them to someone else is never a good idea.

Do you feel under pressure because they’ve sent you one?

The more you stay on a sexting session with a client, the more you earn especially if it`s a private session.

On the other hand, there are websites which will create for you a fake persona meaning the photos and everything else on your profile is not the real you.

Make Money Sexting What you have is a bunch of bored men and women who are either single or are in relationships where they are sexually frustrated, and all they need is someone to talk to and rekindle the passion and arousal they once enjoyed.