Weird dating on demand

In round three, the finalists “must fill a sled with split wood, then tow it by snow machine and feed the wood into a bonfire, around which bachelors tell lousy stories.” As the Talkeetna Bachelor Society website explains, “‘.’ In the spirit of this humor, the Talkeetna Bachelor Society birthed the Wilderness Woman Contest.” But the joke is apparently not a joke. They really are,” explained Shanny, a 51-year-old blond woman at the bar in the back of Nagley’s. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and kids and stuff.But the only problem is 90 percent of the men here are looking for a woman who has a job, a pick up, and a place to live because they don’t want to work. ’” Shanny, our expert, continued: “And since I’ve been here, they have the Talkeetna Bachelor’s Ball and women come from all over the country, but these guys are looking for a one night stand! He’s a bush plane pilot, flying to remote, underdeveloped areas – more remote than Talkeetna.Bonus points if, at some point, one of the characters brings it up and asks, "Why does this kind of stuff keep happening to me/us?

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I asked them: “Shanny said that all the men in Talkeetna just want a woman that has a job and a house and a pick up and is going to support them. As far as Mike was concerned, they weren’t the real Talkeetna men. But it’s a general rule I think: if they live here, you already know too much.

The next morning a much younger blond woman working at the town’s only coffee shop picked up just about where Shanny had left off. “Because they’re obviously kind of leeches and losers.

So now I'm being kidnapped by a bug-girl from outer space who's investigating the death of the New Gods, which has something to do with the fact that I just started inexplicably acquiring random superpowers for the 147th time.

Must be Wednesday."Strange and bizarre things happen to you with alarming frequency.

“I moved up here when I was 26 with a boyfriend from San Diego. He had a degree; he was a smart guy, but he came here and all he wanted to do was drink, and he wanted me to work and pay the bills and the bar tab. ’ It was small potatoes in the beginning but of course it grew over the years. One type — his type — were the independent, outdoorsy, survivalist kind of freedom-enthusiasts. “So, there’s a lot of single men around here.” I asked if this wasn’t advantageous for the women. That’s the first rule.” “So where do you go to meet guys then? “Well we have a lot of people that come to visit that don’t live here, so that’s cool.