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It’s all about ‘feeling good’ and help give people the idea that fitness is not a chore, but a healthier way to get you moving and to have fun.

In terms of fitness, the Zumba gets your heart pumping and increases your endurance, giving you more energy and helping you burn fat faster.

Zumba, however, was developed by accident, he said.

For Perez, however, a bloated ego can only be detrimental to success. It’s so hard not to have an ego when everybody loves you and you’re number one.

But be careful, because the most important people in an instructor’s life are the students,” he said.

And I did it,” said Perez, now 45 and co-owner of the multimillion dollar Zumba trademark.

A Zumba class is an infectious, almost cult-like experience for newbies.

The road to the top, however, entailed numerous sacrifices. But it’s so hard because I sacrificed so many personal things in my life.