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To the west and north it is bounded by India; to the southeast, it borders Myanmar.

The topography is predominantly a low-lying floodplain.

But historians knew roughly where that gold was because the ship went down off the coast of North Carolina during a hurricane in 1857.

The majority of the population (98 percent) is Bengali, with 2 percent belonging to tribal or other non-Bengali groups.

Approximately 83 percent of the population is Muslim, 16 percent is Hindu, and 1 percent is Buddhist, Christian, or other.

The dates and the method indicated that whoever put them there was using the ground as their personal bank Kagin and Mc Carthy would say little about the couple's property or its ownership history, other than it's in a sprawling hilly area of Gold Country and the coins were found along a path the couple had walked for years.

They are located on a section of the property the couple nicknamed Saddle Ridge, and Kagin is calling the find the Saddle Ridge Hoard. One of the largest previous finds of gold coins was $1million worth uncovered by construction workers in Jackson, Tennessee, in 1985.

Bangla varies by region, and people may not understand the language of a person from another district.