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The Carpool Karaoke Pioneer recently went out for a romantic dinner with wife Julia Carey.

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The pad boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms as well as its own infinity pool, private gym, and outdoor fireplace. Image: Julia, James Source: Bustle It's been slightly over a year that James Cordon took over And in such a short time Cordon has already established himself as on of the prominent late night show hosts.

James Cordon is British by nationality and after his success in the US he took his show to the UK for three special episodes in June, aired especially on Sky 1 and NOW TV.

According to reports, Carey is a television producer, although it looks like she might have moved on to other interests since then.

Image: James Corden happily married Julia Carey Source: The Sun James and Julia got married in a luxurious ceremony in September 2012.

I have no idea.” In the end Dreyfus picked the winning lady, and she and Greg went backstage to have dinner, with cameras set up to watch the whole thing.