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He was married to Talinda Ann Bently, with whom he had three children, Tyler, Lilly and Lila.

The singer was also dad to two other children from previous relationships, Jamie and Draven, and also adopted son Isaiah.

But with so many distractions on set – and the thought of so many people seeing the results – how do the actors and actresses manage to perform?

The British tabloid press had one of its regular clammy spasms of outrage in November 1986, aroused by a shot of actor Patrick Malahide's pale, naked buttocks bobbing up and down amid the bracken of the Forest of Dean.

In many ways, the furore over the sex scenes in Dennis Potter's BBC masterpiece The Singing Detective marked the full extent of the Aids-panicked, neo-puritan backlash against nudity and coitus in film and on television.