Who is jennifer saunders dating relationship advice for women dating older man

Who is jennifer saunders dating

Insiders claim the star is desperate to land the 21-year-old singer.

The 57-year-old stars as PR guru Edina Monsoon opposite Lumley's Patsy Stone and is currently writing away on the exciting new project.

I became depressed, which I ended up getting help with on the advice of Tanya Byron; I got some pills that opened up the curtains again and exiled Evil Jennifer.

That was four years ago now, and I’m pleased to say that life is good again. I got Olive, a blue whippet, as a puppy after my cancer treatment and have never regretted it. There has been a huge amount of research done in the past that has resulted in saving many people like me, for which I am incredibly grateful.

British actress/writer/comedian Jennifer Saunders says that some twenty years after starting to write the screenplay, she has finally finished writing the movie version of her classic BBC television series . The main cast was rounded out by Julia Sawalha, who played Edina’s disappointingly conservative daughter Saffy, and June Whitfield who played Edina’s perpetually clueless mum.