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But when Gabi learns that Derek’s girlfriend broke up due to Yolanda’s disapproval, she decides to trick Yolanda into thinking she and Derek have fallen for each other – thinking Yolanda will decide Derek should go back to his ex.

but now a remix of the song has been released by LA native Maestro Harrell.

The remix is filled with beautiful melodic tropical house tunes.

It took the first 10 minutes of any generic zombie film and expanded it into a 90-minute episode, and there’s a reason that most zombie films are quick to get into the action. They’re not interesting or engaging yet, and while it’s easy to say, “It’s only one episode! ” you also have to acknowledge that The Walking Dead managed to completely get us invested in Rick and Morgan in the pilot, and that thousands of movies manage to develop engaging, interesting characters in less time than The Walking Dead had.

Remember that five-minute short film, “One-Minute Time Machine”?

The theme song is slightly different in episode 22 (the last episode of season 1).