Wisdom for men dating single mothers No email needed hook up site

”At first I was so shocked that I assumed he was joking.When he responded to my quizzical look with, “You know…But recently, a large survey showed that compared with coupled parents, single parents do just as much dating, socializing, and lovemaking—and sometimes more.

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The survey involved a representative national sample of 5,481 single adults, of whom 2,121 were parents.

Participants replied to five questions: Myths Debunked Consistent with the conventional wisdom, compared with childless singles, the single parents worked fewer hours and made less money.

Don’t assume we are desperate, looking for a father for our kid, or “easy”: Just because we have a child, and don’t happen to be married to the father of this child, does not mean we are willing to jump into bed with you after the first date.

A quick way to end any progress you have made with a single mother is to assume that she is “fast.”One of the first dates I went on after my son was born turned into a nightmare when I realized my date assumed I was a slut.

But, unexpectedly, the two groups’ replies to the questions showed no significant differences: A Reproductive Investment Trade-Off?