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***DOWNLOAD THE WCHQ APP*** AND PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING TO CARDINAL COUPLE AT THE PAYPAL LINK BELOW! I've wandered back to the computer again and sent Paulie this probably long overdue, and too-long article. Just to let you know, things are pretty much back to normal here in Bradenton after our brush with Hurricane season. Paulie has asked the writers this month to remind you that November is donation month to Cardinal Couple.

Duke and Virginia Tech are on the Watson list of "teams to see in the KFC". I also go to the South Florida Bulls womens' basketball games when I can, my love for the womens' college basketball product is that strong. News from yesterday that she is ranked #24 in ESPNW's Top 25 players in the country.

Speaking of those Bulls, they're #23 in the nation and Jose Fernandez has the #2 ranked team in the AAC (behind you know who). They are currently down to listing the top ten in their next release (can they possibly leave Asia out?

I want you to please strongly consider donating to Cardinal Couple.